Valentines Day

Hey all,

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok here’s the thing… I really haven’t ever “celebrated” valentines day. I have gotten things but just so happens I haven’t dated on valentines day.

However honestly I do believe every day really should be showing our love for one another and ourselves.

So here it is… All you single and not single ladies- Love yourselves today!

Yes, Valentines day also is a day to show love to all those close to me such as my family and friends. But I think I will give myself this day.

I found an article from a while back that listed ‘ways to love yourself for valentines day’ I have decided to make my version…

1. Create a high-energy love-themed playlist. Give that mood a boost! 🙂
2. Appreciate the beautiful day you are about to have for yourself.
3. Eat Healthy Reds; Apples, Grapes, Raspberries, strawberries.
4. Wear what makes you feel beautiful inside and out whether a cozy sweatsuit or sexy lingerie.
5. Do things that make you go Ahhh… Pamper yourself
6. Watch your movie favorites
7. Change up your regular exercise routine.
8. Be thankful for who and what you are.
9. Enjoy!


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