Gotta Find That Happy Medium

Hi all,

So tonight I was really sore and tired from all the stuff I did the last few days and the cold winter is not helping. However I wanted to attempt to have normalcy in my life so I went to celebrate my friend’s surprise birthday party.

I met the party at this bar/restaurant called Highlands. It was nice and then I was really starting to hurt when we were walking to this other bar. We of course split up because I was moving slow with my damn crutches and so my crew went to the wrong bar we were supposed to meet at. I talked my way to getting into this ‘wrong’ bar without my ID. But when we had to leave and try to go in the ‘right’ bar that the other part of our crew was already at, the asshole manager wouldn’t let me in.

The thing is, I still don’t wear a purse with my crutches so I can’t fit my wallet in my pocket and I dont really go out much yet so I didn’t think to bring my ID. When I couldn’t get in, my part of the crew which included the birthday girl was willing to go to another bar for a drink but I didn’t want to go through this talking my way into the bar again and my pain was increasing. I was literally trying not to cry telling my friends I’m just going to head home. I’m really hurting and I really was bummed I didn’t want to mess up the plan.

I needed to vent tonight. I am so tired of this. I guess I still need to find my happy medium of pushing it and resting. I know I am getting better but I am just so tired of this.


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