Hey all,

Yesterday I spent the day with Gaby in the hospital. Her stomach was hurting and every time she coughed she had to go to the bathroom.

I am wondering if this is because of stopping treatment. After a while, Gaby had to go to the bathroom again and she told me she wanted to wait until her mom arrived. She said it was because she thought the nurse was getting mad at her for going to the bathroom. The poor thing kept telling me she would wait and hold it but then she was in pain and really had to go. I said “honey please let me tell a nurse we don’t know exactly what time mom is coming and you don’t want to sit in it.”

Gaby then gave in and let me call a nurse. When Gaby told me the nurse gets mad with her I said “no one is mad at you-when you gotta go, you gotta go!” The poor thing I felt so bad. We hung out I kept asking if she wanted to play a game or anything but we watched a movie. She wasn’t really up to do too much.

Gaby was kind of out of it. She had called her mom several times to come. When the nurse came in to help her again I waited outside. A few moments waiting I saw her mother and step father with her baby brother, come walking down the hall. I told her mother that Gaby didn’t want me to have the nurse help her. She knew what I was talking about.

When Gaby was finished we all went in the room. She was happy her mom and baby brother had arrived. We continued to watch the movie and hung out. She wanted to play with the baby it was so cute. She told me being with the baby makes her happy and I melted. I took some great pictures of them. 🙂

I spent some time with Gaby’s mom as well. I feel so bad she was telling me in whispers how her baby is not doing good. She was telling me how the chemo didn’t work. I just listened said I’m so sorry and expressed my love for this special little girl. I got to know them, it was nice. I told her that Gaby has helped me decide I want to be in child life and I am so very grateful.

I stayed with Gaby and her family the whole day. It was a long day but I think they enjoyed my company, it was definitely worth it. I left at 4:00 and gave Gaby a big hug and she thanked me for coming. Its so very sad but it was very nice to help and be there for this family. Gaby’s mom asked me if I will be coming next week. I was so touched. I said absolutely I told her if she has a time she needs to go somewhere to let me know and I will try my best to get there.

Gaby’s mom told me she’ll probably be in the hospital for another 6 weeks. I pray to god that she will not be in too much pain! I plan to try my best to make it there for the next six weeks.


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