Hey all,

I want to thank all my followers I feel your support 🙂 and I am touched.

So I start school soon! I am excited!!! I never did online school before though so I am a little nervous, I suppose.

However I took a glimpse at my psychology text  and it is not hard to get into, so I am happy about that! I’m looking forward to school!

Yesterday, I had my first session with my new personal trainer, another additional step towards normalcy in my life!

My body was still very sore from the last few days before. I really pushed myself and paid for it. However, I am not going to just give up. As I mentioned, I just need to find my happy balance of rest and activity.

With that being said, I am able to cross some goals off my list. 😉

  • Starting strength training with personal trainer
  • Starting to go out more
  • Starting school

Cheers to everyone conquering their own goals!!!!


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