Hello all,

So, a lot has been going on recently…

My wonderful mom flew in from miami for a long weekend. My cousin also came in from virginia with her new baby!

I got to catch up with my mom and my cousin and I got to meet new sweet baby james!

I am also happy to announce I have been able to sleep without taking a sleeping pill! I ran out of my sleeping pill the other day and I have been very tired and so I decided to try to sleep with out it for a bit and found success! I do not know if this will last though I hope it does. For now I will continue happily not using it. I am still taking medicine for my RSD pain etc.

As I have mentioned in other entries about my practicing in meditation, I have recently purchased a new cd of mindful meditation. I have been using it as I lay down to sleep and it seems to work. I will continue to explore this new cd and keep posting.

In other news, in addition to physical therapy, I have also just begun working out with my new personal trainer, twice a week.

And of course I am still doing my daily workout sessions on my own. PS I am getting stronger!!!! πŸ™‚

Last Sunday my mom convinced me to join the WWC( best known as weight watchers online), the Weight Watchers Club, which now consists of me, my mom, and my sister.

I am working on losing weight and being completely healed of RSD pain by may! I actually just had my weigh in today- and I lost 2 pounds my first week! In addition I haven’t been in terrible pain with this RSD nonsense! πŸ™‚

May is when all the fun begins with a Summer of 5 weddings! I am excited, this summer is looking better and better! I definitely plan Β on enjoying it!

And… TOMORROW is officially my first day of school!!!

Cheers to more good things coming!


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