School, Strength, Diet, And 9 Months

Hey all,

So this week is almost up. I have almost completed my first week back to school!

I survived! 🙂 I have to admit I was kind of worried as the classes move pretty quickly!

Each term is 8 weeks long. I am in the first week and already I have a paper, discussions to participate in and a ton of reading.  I am really working my butt off! I have managed to learn a lot though it is pretty amazing.

Psychology is very interesting! I already found a connection to what I am learning. History is a bit of a challenge for me. I am not really a fan. I am really working hard to convince myself I am interested in the discussions I post.

Anyway I am happy to say I have survived the first week!

In other news, today I had a really nice session with my trainer. I was doing well and so he kept adding more sets. Prior to the session my mom treated me to a head massage—mmm so nice!

As for my weight watchers progress, I hope to have lost more this week, I’ll know officially on sunday when I weigh myself. I have been pretty good with following my points. Yesterday, I was 12 points under my total required 26 points, I wasn’t as hungry. Normally that would be a good thing, I’m not sure if it is in the eyes of WWC.

Also, TODAY is 9months of RSD. Man, I could have had a baby with this time! It is so incredible seeing where I am at now! It feels like a whole lifetime ago everything happened! I am so blessed to where I am today!!!!!!


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