Doctor Visit

Hey guys,

So here it goes Yesterday I had a visit with my pain management doctor. I’ve mentioned earlier entries how usually when I go to see him its been a bad experience so unfortunately as a result I am always nervous when I have to go see him.

Yesterday however, was I believe my second visit that was good! The doctor was happy with things! He actually used the phrase out of the woods saying how a lot of people have fight flair up through out their lives and he can see that I probably won’t.

I am kicking RSD’s ASS. I am doing well and its so great! I do have to still continue medicine and physical therapy but he concluded what I knew had to be true, I am BEATING this!!! I am so enormously grateful it is so emotional.
Here is the thing I need to still remember with RSD there are always good days and not so good days and there is still chance of dealing with that. However, I am through the most difficult thing I have experienced thus far in my life and I am so BLESSED!!!!!


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