Life and School

Hey all,

I am happy to say I slept pretty well last night. I woke up this morning without my head in crazy pain. I have been fighting the end of a cold and I have chronic head stuff I am pretty sure my medicine for RSD doesn’t help it.

Nonetheless, I woke up this morning rather well. I feel pretty awake I wish this always happened… Oh well it happened today time to enjoy it!

So yesterday I busted my butt to finish my discussion posts as they were due for both classes before midnight and I made it! I was pretty relieved and I was able to go to sleep before midnight so that was definitely good!
I finished most of my assignments for the week!

I still need to respond to discussions in both classes. I am not sure I ever told you all what I am taking this term, history and intro to psychology.
This week I also still have to finish my PowerPoint project for psychology.
It is regarding teaching one of the theories of stages of development.
It is after all my concentration so I am trying to brand this topic in my head. It is very interesting!

Though I still have days not as good as other days I am much better than before! There are certain days that I need. Days or parts of days which I am in a significant amount of pain or I am emotional just mentally that I need to just let it out. For instance my need to write on the blog. It’s important for every one to just let out strong feelings good or bad.

I am so grateful to be strong enough to even do school!


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