Life, School, Relax, Don’t Stress

Hey all,

Well there it is, today was the end of my second week in school. I starting reading ahead for psychology class. I think during the week I get a little nervous so I really push myself to the extent that may be a bit too far.
I just really want to do well and I want to make sure I do everything that needs to be done in order to accomplish that.

The thing is I know I need to relax and not stress myself!
So what am I doing and what do I need to continue doing?

  • Take breaks in between work
  • Meditate before starting the day
  • Stretch frequently through the day
  • Continue strength training
  • Plan daily which assignments I want to prioritize for that day
  • Continue eating healthy
  • Go out more often

Cheers to another week of school completed- and accomplishing my to do list!!!!



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