Happy Spring

Hey guys,

It’s finally Spring YAY! The clocks changed and there is longer daylight!

So with the weather getting nicer I’ll be able to tolerate outdoors a lot better! I might even start having PT or strength training outside!

So what else is new… lets see I am almost at the end of my first term in school-YAY!

I am really enjoying psychology however the discussion post I have to do, well my teacher has been incredibly specific of the several things we are to include in the post which makes our posts rather lengthy.

This morning I had an obnoxious response from a classmate saying my post was lengthy and that so was all of ours but to hurry and shorten it for the professor. My thought initially was to say shove it, however I thought ok may be she’s trying to help me. However, I don’t want her help I want to know the teacher’s thoughts not this B.

Nonetheless, I am doing well in school so I’m happy!

Lets see what else, my parents are coming in from miami this weekend. So we’ll get to catch up on some quality time, celebrate Easter next Sunday and then its my Mom’s birthday, ah that reminds me I still need to get her a gift! I really don’t know maybe a lunch in miami? I want to try to do the plane maybe I’ll go back with them but only for a few days.

The thing is I still can’t actually be at the beach on sand. But I should definitely try to experience the plane again especially before my trip to south carolina for my friend’s wedding in may! And there will be warm weather so that is definitely a great thing!!!!

Here’s to Recovering and Conquering Challenges!!!


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