This weekend

Hey all,

This weekend began when my parents arrived on Saturday afternoon with Roxie!

That night we went to Sushi Samba for delicious dinner though service was a bit nuts.

Yesterday, me, my mother, and sister had our family friend’s baby shower. We took a car service to Hartsdale. I am still working on my car pain etc. so nonetheless it was a challenge. We arrived about an hour and a half later. The party was at their new house full of people and kids. It was quite a scene but nice to see them. When I got home I was in so much pain from everything I laid down in bed at 5:00 and didn’t wake up until 9:15 monday morning! So yesterday, my building continued horribly noisy construction and so I decided to go to the library. This was a huge thing first of the weather was crappy snowy and rain combo and the ny public library is huge and has several sets of stairs. Needless to say it was overwhelming when I made it into the entrance. My father helped get me settled in a room close to the handicap elevator that leads to the outside entrance to make it easier when I leave.

I have to say as nerve wrecking as the walking through this place was it was so beautiful. So I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for going there. It wasn’t the most comfortable seating but I did get some work done so that was good!

Another thing, I finally got my grades for the week! In psychology I got an A on my powerpoint and discussion and history I got an A- total!!! So I’m working on keeping that up :)! This week is midterms I have a test in Psychology and a paper in History working to have it all done before saturday so that I can enjoy my Easter holiday weekend.

Happy Passover and Easter Everyone!!!




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