Fifth Week: Term 1

Hey again,

So today was the first day of my fifth week in term 1 back at school! Every time I think of the words “back to school” I think of Adam Sandler singing that in Billy Madison, so funny.

Any ways, today I handed in my second history paper and I totally didn’t expect receiving a grade today but… I got a grade of 100!

I am so happy my hard work is paying off! I am learning so much!

I do have quite a bit of work for the next four weeks but I’m feeling ok about it 🙂

This week I have my weekly psychology reading and discussion I have to post and respond to, have to watch a few videos, do a paper first draft that is counting as one grade but it is also the first step to my final assignment for the class. In between the first draft and final draft I have a powerpoint presentation also in psychology.

This week in History I have to watch a few videos, also do the weekly reading and discussion post and responses, a quiz and another paper to begin.

As the end of the term approaches it seems there is a lot more work to be done… Though I am enjoying learning!

Here’s to school and learning!


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