Rough But Worth It

Hey all,

Well yesterday I felt so much pain, But I accomplished quite a bit.
I was still hurting from PT Monday and Training Tuesday but then last night during PT I wore a sock on my bad foot- with a sneaker- then walked outside a few blocks combined with one crutch and while in the freezing cold windy weather!

Sock is another step as it is still a challenge I still wear a surgical sock and am only comfortable with that in a sneaker!
One crutch is hard enough for me with unevenness of the sidewalk add the other things and I made quite the accomplishment!!!

So now, today I am in more pain but it will ware off hopefully soon, preferably by my 4:00 training session this afternoon. 🙂

Another great note yesterday I beat my Fuel Goal of the day on my Nike FuelBand! I still need to set my calorie and steps goals!



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