Hey friends,

I made it to Miami!! I decided I needed to experience a ride on the airplane before traveling to South Carolina in the end of next month. I admit I was nervous about feeling pain and being awake on the ride. I also was nervous of not knowing how I would respond just by being in Miami. On Sunday it was ten months exactly since I woke up with RSD. For Mondays flight to miami my parents arranged for a wheel chair service to get me to the gate. About 40minutes prior to boarding I took two daytime Benadryl pills. I was pleasantly surprised as it allowed me to sleep some on the flight. Take off, some turbulence, and landing were difficult but the flight was not as horrible as I feared.
Although I have come along on a very long journey this visit feels so surreal. Last time I was here all hell broke loose with my condition and I left in beginning of August to get correctly diagnosed. I lived here for two years and now it feels strange, as though I maybe was supposed to be back here a long time ago. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but I do still enjoy the warm weather. I don’t know if maybe it will be better for me to live like my parents for now and come back to Miami during the winter or most of the year except for the summer but then its still an issue my physical therapist is in NY and I need her! And I still don’t know anyone or really have anyone in Miami to hang with. Plus In Ny I have family and friends.
What will I do, I really don’t know yet! I do know for sure I was meant to be in New York at the very least for the time of healing and for planning my sister’s wedding and to get closer to my friends and family again. Timing does mean everything!


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