Hello Miami

Hello Miami!

Hey guys,

So the weather has been beautiful I did get a slightly strange little burn yesterday, could be worse though 🙂 Only thing I would change is my ability to actually go in the sand on the beach and obviously not have pain that would be ideal.  I do have a beautiful terrace to and a pool to relax at so thats not a bad situation.

I do also have quite a bit of homework this week. So I had to be a good little student and bring it all with me to work on while I’m here in Miami. I finished my post for psychology and history I still have till sunday to do responses. I also have to finish my history paper and psychology powerpoint! Oy a lot of work! But I have only two more weeks of this term after this week! Then I get to gladly send my rented history textbook back-YESS!!! And I get to learn more about human development in my next psychology class! I also have to take Math next term. Oh well after that’s over I’ll get to say goodbye to another two classes then on to the next ones! I wanted to get rid of all the classes that I would rather not take earlier in the game so that I can hopefully just enjoy and use what I am actually studying.

I was talking to my sister yesterday apparently the weather in New York has been 70degrees, Go Figure when I leave the warm weather came! Hopefully that means the nice weather there will stay for when I get back there!

Here’s hoping 🙂


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