Check me Out!

Hey guys,

Thank you to all my visitors, new, and initial followers!!!
I truly hope my posts can help in some way or at the very least entertain 🙂

I love to be pleasantly surprised I really don’t expect things I try to be as proactive as possible to make things I want to happen-happen.

I know I say this every single day, out loud,on this blog, to myself, and to others; but I truly believe everything happens for a reason.
As I have mentioned earlier I am studying psychology. This week I am working on a PowerPoint
Project on psychological disorder of my choice. I am to determine due to what I have read what treatment is most effective. I have decided to report on Autism. It is actually Autism month so I thought this would be nice to acknowledge,not to mention I find it fascinating.

Also, the other day my mom and I went for a walk and ate lunch at this new bakery/ deli in Miami. There was a very nice man who works there was sweeping outside. When we went inside I saw a book on the shelf with the man’s picture. Apparently, he lives with Autism and wrote a book about it. He came to our table outside with the book and told us about his desire to help others. I was blown away and bought his book! My mom and I then noticed on the window of the bakery they wrote about taking pride in equal opportunity in hiring people with disability. I first of all was so touched and inspired by this man and I am so happy to learn about more kind people in this world. I literally before walking had just finished reading about Autism and then I meet this man–There had to be a reason! Naturally, I decided to do my PowerPoint assignment on Autism!


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