Good Day

Hey all!

Today was a good day yes I am still hurting but I finished more of my homework assignments I beat my Nike plus FuelBand Goal today! I was less sore today than yesterday so I knew I had to push a little more.

I started my day as usual with a lot of stretching. I had planned on finishing more school work so I went to that afterwards. I was planning on walking with my dad and doing arms earlier but time got away from us. We went out at around 5:30 had a nice walk I tried to get passed my fear walked a little bit without the crutches. I felt good afterwards! After our walk I did some arms with dumbells. I finished off with several sets of twenty high knee to chest raises-by the 4th set I really felt it!
After the workout I was early at my fuel goal of 1900. Later on My dad took me to one if my favorite restaurants in Miami, Red! By the end of dinner and hanging out I exceeded my fuel goal!- yesss!
I also figured out some fun stuff with my Nike plus FuelBand account! I can set my own goals of burning calories. I am starting slightly lower sine I’m still working on rebuilding my endurance with workouts I decided to try burning at least 5000 calories per week for a period of four weeks. If I want to adjust the time frame I can do so. As I recover more I will get even more active and so I will eventually raise my goal! Once I reach my goal I raise it— It’s exciting!!

When I got back from dinner I wanted to work a bit more on school. As habit I have come to check my school email and course feedback quite frequently… I have also been waiting for my grade on my psychology paper so I had to check it out… I got an A!!! I also am required to answer responses to my discussion posts so I checked to see if I had any… My teacher replied saying It was a great post! I am SO happy–NEXT I want to make this a great PowerPoint project! I also would love to raise my B+ in history to an A so I’m working very hard on my paper as well!

Cheers to Good Days!!!


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