Hey all,

So today my psychology teacher asked everyone in the class to post a discussion on what we would like to learn more about in psychology.

I really like that she wants to know what we want to learn more about!

I especially like that she got me thinking about what I want to learn more about and how I can use what I learn toward becoming a successful Child Life Specialist! I am so excited!

That is key- to actually be able to use what I learn! The ability to learn and use what you learn is awesome! Not everything you take is usable however the skills we learn through doing things that we don’t necessarily like can prove to be helpful in the future.

Heres to enjoying and using what we learn!!!


16 thoughts on “SCHOOL…

  1. What year are you in at school right now? I have noticed an increase in a desire to hire a child life specialist with a Masters degree. Have you started volunteering at child life program?

    • I am working on finishing my bachelors in psychology with concentration in child development. I am planning to volunteer in a hospital in a child life program in ny this fall. After I finish school which should be by October next year, I plan to take my child life course and begin my internship. Afterwards I fully intend to sit down for my cls exam and I was thinking perhaps I would get certified in CPR and possibly also in infant massage.

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