Make Time For Your Passions

Hey guys,
It’s been a few days or so. It’s been kind of nonstop here. This weekend I went to stay at my aunt and uncles. I also finally finished my first term at school! The second I finished history I literally was so excited I rushed to box up the textbook and resent it immediately.
I am happy I say I survived my first term in school! I got an A- in both intro to psychology and history!

Yesterday, I began my second term of school. I am still getting the swing of things. I am taking psychology human growth and development so interesting. I am also taking another unwanted but required class math. I am hopeful as I work my butt to get things done correctly. I am so excited looking forward to another great term!

Anyways, on Friday I was at my aunts house and we went to mamereneck to see my cousin sing. This is the cousin I am working on music with. Watching her sing, and yes some songs also were from my repertoire I got myself an itch for singing again!
As a matter of fact my cousin was saying maybe we can perform some music together.
I loved doing that! Actually, last week I found my old notebook that I had written of some thoughts, ideas, and poetry and lyrics she said she would look at it with me.

I gotta do this I gotta make time to do this!

If you have passions it’s important to try your very best to find a way to make time to use it and enjoy it.

Here’s to indulging in our passions!


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