Clear Your Mind

Hello all,

Well, It has been pretty crazy over here. Last week and this week I have been pushing to finish work for math class. I so badly wanted to finish my math homework and test of the week before today so that I can be more active, get more normal sleep schedule back and focus on this weeks paper for psychology. Luckily, I did but I kind of killed myself doing it!

Note to self: I need to do better at not flipping out about math.

So, this weekend is my friend’s WEDDING!!!!  This also marks wedding number 3 of 6! I’m excited its going to be a nice long weekend!

Last night I  got 8 hours of sleep no interruptions from the doorman like yesterday- omg I wanted to scream! Today, I was able to wake up resolved of math, with a clear mind. A clear mind really makes for a better stretch, which I really needed this morning.

Clear your mind when lay down to sleep, shut it off, and relax. Using meditation for this helps! Something that also helps is after a long day of hard working have a nice stretch. A hot shower or bath can also help. Another thing I do sometimes is concentrate on my breathing slow and deep, its very calming.

Good start to my day = Today I have time and desire to be more active. The nice warm sunny weather also helps! I am going to get to see puppies, as I still want to get one sometime this summer! I have to run a few errands. Then, I’ll finish my psychology paper. And then to fun stuff, packing for South Carolina! 🙂

Enjoy your day!!!



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