Hey all,

I can’t believe it, Friday June 7 was a year exactly to the date I woke up in Miami with RSD! The weekend before, I spent with my cousins by Sunday it hit me hard! My life has been on pause from 99% of the things I should be doing at my age! Starting sunday it was an incredibly emotional week.

I cannot believe I still have RSD pain! It is so damn hard. I am fighting through it to go to all these weddings, I am still working on walking, I can’t work, I have to still rely on others to help me do the little things, and I can’t get my own place again-yet!

Though, I do know some amazing things have happened in the last year… For example I have been able to get closer to my family, my sister, my soon to be brother in-law, my parents! I have been able to see my close friends more often. I found the career I want to do, I went back to college to finish my bachelors, I have learned more things about myself. I can’t believe I can say this- BUT I have actually gained many more things than I have lost!

Obviously though, I cannot wait to be all better!!! To get my whole life back!!!!


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