Happy Father’s Day!

Hi all,

What a great day to appreciate my wonderful father!

I look back at how amazing he was and still is!
My father is:
The first most important man of my life.
My hero, my role model, my teacher.
My father I think understands me better than anyone else.
Is one of the most patient people I know.

I remember, when I was little we would go to the beach in Daytona, Fl and walk along the ocean collecting shells and rocks. I remember he would hold my sister and I while he jumped the waves.
And I remember my sister and would bury each other and we would make castles with the buckets, however I called them cakes. We would say we were “making cakes for daddy.”

One of my favorite things about my dad was how no matter what it is if he was or is running some errand of some sort he always would find a way and makes it fun. For example the gas station when we were little he called it the candy or chocolate milk store- he is the best!!!! 🙂

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!!!


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