Fabulous Restaurants and QT with Dad!!!!

Hey guys

This trip has been great! I’m having a great time with my dad and going to great restaurants, ishenjoying the beautiful sun, and working out!

Last night I did indeed go to Red for dinner! It never disappoints!
The menu is like a heavy bible it’s so great!

First they serve Ahhh-MAY–ZING bread and oil! !My dad and I shared the porterhouse and a few amazing sides of broccoli with garlic mushrooms, and garlic fries—- yum!!!!

We devoured it! Obviously we finished off with delicious dessert, chocolate Molten cake with a scoop of vanilla gelato omg to die for! I wish I had taken pictures to relive that again and again!

Tonight we went to the gorgeous restaurant Villa Azur. Beautiful ambience, great food a DJ and fabulous indoor lounge feel and also has really nice outdoor garden seating. I had a great rigatoni in garlic and oil so good! And we shared Grilled asparagus my dad got a nice fish.

Now we still had a nice time and because of everything good about it I would go back. Now With that being said,
The entire time we were there it felt rushed. It really wasn’t too busy there so no high turnover but the waiter just kept grabbing things off the table while we were still eating and taking our time- now I’m really not a huge pest of a customer but as someone who has worked with customers that is really poor service!

I will write it on yelp I hope they change that approach otherwise they’ll have some unhappy customers piling up if they don’t already.

Another great night nonetheless was had 🙂 I am so lucky!

Tomorrow is our last day and night may get some Cuban food! 🙂

~Here’s to great times!


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