I Love Children

Hey guys,

For those of you who don’t know, I love children!

When you work with children you have to be able to be stern with them. You have to be willing to be silly with them and not care about what you look like while doing it. You have to be confident. You have to be open to learning from them and you have to recognize what works for them and what doesn’t.

Children are very demanding. They are resilient. They are smart. And if you let them, they will take advantage of you whether they realize it or not! They need to be active! They typically lose interest in one thing to another very quickly so you need to make it interesting for them and try to keep one step ahead of them! It is a challenge but a challenge that I love!

Frequently I watch this sweet beautiful little girl a friend of the family’s child. She is four years old. She is very active!  I always find ways to keep her entertained thinking outside the box. I keep her going and don’t let her sit still too much and then she’s tired by the time her mom and dad come and pick her up. She never wants to leave me when they come to take her home!

Weeks ago I started playing music and having her stretching and dancing. She had all this energy so we were out in my yard than I had her running around playing Red Light Green light and then I just kept thinking of different color lights and had her skipping and crawling and hopping like a bunny and tip toeing and doing jumping jacks and jumping. We played the game again last night! Another day last week I watched her it was so beautiful outside so I took her and Roxie in the driveway and we used Sidewalk chalk- one of the best inventions ever!!!

The best is she keeps me active and creative and I keep her active, she has fun, and I have fun!  Plus she’s such a good girl! 🙂

I know child life is different but children are children and so my knowledge and experience with children as a whole is helpful to keep in mind for my career as a Child life Specialist!!

~I can’t wait!


Today’s Gratitude

  • My Life
  • My overall health
  • My strength
  • My family
  • Roxie
  • My friends
  • My Physical therapist
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Art
  • Training
  • Walking
  • DOING well in school
  • I know what I want to do!
  • Writing
  • My mind!
  • My heart
  • My faith
  • Every day is a new day
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • All is as it should be!!
  • All is well in my world!

Hopes to the Universe

Hello all,

Today I had an interview for volunteering in a child life department in a hospital! I felt pretty good about how it went! I have a second interview with a child life supervisor hopefully this week! I am sending hopes out to the universe!

🙂 All your prayers and good thoughts to the universe are welcome as well ! 😉



Visit to PA

Hey all,

These last five days I have been visiting my wonderful friends in pa!
On thursday night after a long days work they drove to New Jersey to meet my father and I half-way to their home in a wonderful town called Mechanics burg. My father was his wonderful self and my friends were also so gracious to drive four hours to new jersey and back to their house that night especially as they both had work friday morning!
They are the first and only couple I know my age who owns a house. The neighbourhood is sweet old fashioned feeling. The house is so nice with a nice porch out front a beautifully updated spacious kitchen, a backyard and a plethora of living room areas and 3,4 bedrooms they will be ready for a family 🙂 any day now.
Every day we have had wonderful fresh cooked meals that she mostly prepared while I hung out supervised ready to assist at any moment.
Friday we made delicious chicken breast and potatoes with fresh herbs from my dads garden. Prior to eating dinner they always give thanks and pray to god. This isn’t something I was raised doing but I think its nice and perhaps I will raise my children this way. It is important to give thanks and be aware for all that we have.
After dinner we went to their fellowship.
Their fellowship is their community of wonderful like- minded individuals which a couple provides their household for everyone to gather and learn discuss and pray on the bible. I know I was meant to be here this week and be present in these readings in fellowship. Everything discussed and learned was so relevant to my life.

They are so kind and I am so fortunate to know them!
The other night I really saw things more vividly! I really love that these people are so wonderful and loving and i know I was supposed to be here this week especially. I really truly enjoy the like-mindedness of the people in their community! I always wanted that kind of connection with people! I don’t know
how to meet more people like this. I don’t know if I could live here though a huge part that would sell me to be here is the people though! I like being able to walk to find things to do. But I like the feel of the country with the beautiful land as well. Aww and they are so sweet!
The way I feel around them It really makes me want to be there all the time with these people! They are so great!

I truly am so grateful to have them in my life!

~To wonderful times with great friends!!!!

Great Things!

Hey guys,

So I am saying it! I am getting better, I know it!

I found walking down the steep driveway without cRutches easier today! I am so grateful!!!!

Yes i have pain but I am definitely getting better!!!

I have been making more plans and getting closer to making them happen!

I plan to get a dog. Also, I’m thinking about going to south beach at the end of October until perhaps before Christmas and then back to stay in south beach until after New Years.

Of course It will also depend on if I am working or volunteering!
i have applied to three children’s hospitals and landed an interview next week ! I have inquired about another hospital so we will see!

This afternoon I felt capable and up to venturing out to barnes and noble!! This sounds like no big feat however for me since my condition, i haven’t been able to enjoy this time by myself to go to do things like this! When I go to book stores I love to take my time and enjoy it. I find several books, grab a drink at the cafe and read a bit of all of them, then decide which ones I want. Naturally, this is a trip I love to do by myself.  Nonetheless I have done it today!
I bought two books one for my work as a child life specialist and one for pleasure!

During school I felt like I couldnt focus on a book but it seems that has changed! 🙂 perhaps during school i cant do it I’m not sure yet but I am happy to begin reading for pleasure again. I do plan to begin reading more of things on psychology, as it really interests and inspires me!

Tomorrow night I am visiting my friends in PA for a long weekend so that will be great! They are wonderfully spiritual people who I love spending time with!  They are religious with words so captivating that It draws you in. Their positivity is contagious.

Next week I plan to find a meditation class. I also plan to go to an art gallery it’ll be great!

I am planning to continue working on walking with NO crutches.

~What can I say guys, MichIsOnAMission!


I have an A on Abnormal Psychology final paper

I have an A on my statistics final test

I have an A in Abnormal Psychology class

I have an A for statistics class

I have a rewarding volunteer position

I am working at a great company with great people

I am in loving harmony with myself and others

I am healthy and thriving

I have an adorable fun playful loving dog

I weigh 115 lbs

I have a wonderful home

I am pain free

I am stress free

I am a certified child life specialist

I am certified in CPR and Infant Massage

I am in love with the man of my dreams

The man of my dreams is in love with me

I am treating my body lovingly with nutrients and healthy choices

I am blessed with all that I have and all that I am

All is well in my world!!!!