Great Things!

Hey guys,

So I am saying it! I am getting better, I know it!

I found walking down the steep driveway without cRutches easier today! I am so grateful!!!!

Yes i have pain but I am definitely getting better!!!

I have been making more plans and getting closer to making them happen!

I plan to get a dog. Also, I’m thinking about going to south beach at the end of October until perhaps before Christmas and then back to stay in south beach until after New Years.

Of course It will also depend on if I am working or volunteering!
i have applied to three children’s hospitals and landed an interview next week ! I have inquired about another hospital so we will see!

This afternoon I felt capable and up to venturing out to barnes and noble!! This sounds like no big feat however for me since my condition, i haven’t been able to enjoy this time by myself to go to do things like this! When I go to book stores I love to take my time and enjoy it. I find several books, grab a drink at the cafe and read a bit of all of them, then decide which ones I want. Naturally, this is a trip I love to do by myself.  Nonetheless I have done it today!
I bought two books one for my work as a child life specialist and one for pleasure!

During school I felt like I couldnt focus on a book but it seems that has changed! 🙂 perhaps during school i cant do it I’m not sure yet but I am happy to begin reading for pleasure again. I do plan to begin reading more of things on psychology, as it really interests and inspires me!

Tomorrow night I am visiting my friends in PA for a long weekend so that will be great! They are wonderfully spiritual people who I love spending time with!  They are religious with words so captivating that It draws you in. Their positivity is contagious.

Next week I plan to find a meditation class. I also plan to go to an art gallery it’ll be great!

I am planning to continue working on walking with NO crutches.

~What can I say guys, MichIsOnAMission!


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