Visit to PA

Hey all,

These last five days I have been visiting my wonderful friends in pa!
On thursday night after a long days work they drove to New Jersey to meet my father and I half-way to their home in a wonderful town called Mechanics burg. My father was his wonderful self and my friends were also so gracious to drive four hours to new jersey and back to their house that night especially as they both had work friday morning!
They are the first and only couple I know my age who owns a house. The neighbourhood is sweet old fashioned feeling. The house is so nice with a nice porch out front a beautifully updated spacious kitchen, a backyard and a plethora of living room areas and 3,4 bedrooms they will be ready for a family 🙂 any day now.
Every day we have had wonderful fresh cooked meals that she mostly prepared while I hung out supervised ready to assist at any moment.
Friday we made delicious chicken breast and potatoes with fresh herbs from my dads garden. Prior to eating dinner they always give thanks and pray to god. This isn’t something I was raised doing but I think its nice and perhaps I will raise my children this way. It is important to give thanks and be aware for all that we have.
After dinner we went to their fellowship.
Their fellowship is their community of wonderful like- minded individuals which a couple provides their household for everyone to gather and learn discuss and pray on the bible. I know I was meant to be here this week and be present in these readings in fellowship. Everything discussed and learned was so relevant to my life.

They are so kind and I am so fortunate to know them!
The other night I really saw things more vividly! I really love that these people are so wonderful and loving and i know I was supposed to be here this week especially. I really truly enjoy the like-mindedness of the people in their community! I always wanted that kind of connection with people! I don’t know
how to meet more people like this. I don’t know if I could live here though a huge part that would sell me to be here is the people though! I like being able to walk to find things to do. But I like the feel of the country with the beautiful land as well. Aww and they are so sweet!
The way I feel around them It really makes me want to be there all the time with these people! They are so great!

I truly am so grateful to have them in my life!

~To wonderful times with great friends!!!!


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