Hello all,

I first want to acknowledge all of my visitors, new, and old followers!  I hope my blog has helped, inspired, or entertained in some way!

I am enjoying updating still after all this time! I find it exciting that people from all over the world can catch a glimpse of my thoughts and experiences.

I hope my blog encourages, inspires, and helps. I hope if people relate to my thoughts or experiences, that I am able to make them feel


~Here’s to helping others!




Today’s Gratitude

  • The Sun
  • My overall health
  • My progress
  • My parents
  • My sister
  • My brother-in-law to be
  • My dog Roxie!
  • Walking
  • Walking without crutches!!!!!!!!!
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My physical therapist
  • Meditation
  • School
  • Doing well in school
  • Learning
  • Lessons learned
  • Lessons to learn
  • Volunteering in Child Life!
  • Art
  • Music
  • Strength Training
  • Hope
  • Healing
  • Writing
  • Traveling
  • Everything happens for a reason!
  • Every day is a new day!

Meditation Workshop

Hey all,

So Monday night my mom and my sister joined me at a meditation workshop I found in the city.

I meditate with CDs but I am looking to continue and advance more. I had been looking for a workshop for a while, so I’m happy to have found one!

Also, I have been wanting to help my sister and my mom find a way to reduce stress.

I am so happy they agreed to come with me! It was an introduction to meditation so it was great for all of us.

It was a successful time both of them want to return with me. I am going to look further into the center’s meditation classes.

~Let’s meditate!

First Day in Child Life

Hey all,

So today I started my volunteer in child life gig! I am working in the PICU, or the pediatric intensive care unit, for the really sick kids. Today was an orientation and walk through on policies and procedures. Also I made some rounds checked in on some patients introduced myself and offered assistance. When I shadowed my awesome supervisor we visited this adorable little boy. I came back to play with him for my last hour while his mom got a break. It was so great.
My work is going to primarily be working with the kids at their bedside as they typically cannot leave their room.

I Did so much walking today I’m so tired!! But I also managed to make almost 5,000 nike fuel on my band!

~Great day

Find Something to Be Grateful for!

Hey guys,

So the last two weeks I have been watching Roxie as my parents went away.
I have been walking her several times but the best is I have been continuing without crutches!

I train her to slow down not pull me on the leash and it works mostly and she is my helper with walking!

It was an adjustment which I had to get down pat in a routine that would work for both of us. I managed to figure out a good routine a few days ago !

I would feed her stretch while we eats than be ready to walk her I take a whole hour walk with her!
This way I get in great exercise and she does to but she also doesn’t have to go out for awhile after and she’s a little sleepy which I get to concentrate on school work.

It’s a great approach for Roxie and my walking is improving as I walk!

My parents just got home this afternoon. So during dinner tonight they asked me if I was ready to Crush my Crutches!

I say yes, I want to bring my crutches to one of those dump yards and watch a huge truck crush them! 🙂 And its not of anger its like a christening!

The symbol of crushing the crutches is new beginnings! 🙂 I am walking and I am so very grateful :)!!!!

~Find something your grateful for!

What if I Wrote a Memoir?

Hey all,

I am currently reading a memoir called Paris, In Love.

As I read I find myself kind of wanting to write a memoir myself. However, I’m not sure what it would be about…

I mean are there different formats of memoirs?

Do I write how I have been getting better and what I am doing to get better ?  Should it be about what I have done to cope with pain?

Would it be about how I made a positive spin on it and found my career? Would it be on how having RSD changed me in a big way?

Would it be writing what I went through having RSD?

Would it be about all of my careers and what I did, what I learned?

Also, if I did write a memoir what would I do with it? I mean I am not a professional writer, should I try having it published?

I guess I have a lot of thoughts, not that it would be a surprise if you read my blog 🙂


~Your Thoughts Are Welcome



Hey all,

The other day I was listening to my mindfulness meditations and I had a thought. That sentence sounds funny reading aloud.

So I found myself planning to practice and teach my children mindfulness every night before going to bed, going over what happened that day and look forward to a new day. I think I will do this instead of reading my babies to sleep at night. I will do the books a certain time during the day every day but not before bed.

I think teaching mindfulness early on could be helpful for a child. From what I have learned so far is that being mindful is helpful in coping with pain, stresses etc. I think it could be a great tactic.

Coincidentally today I saw an article regarding having children learn about mindfulness and so there is confirmation that I’m not the only one who has thought of using this for children.

I think perhaps if everyone practiced being mindful there would be less unnecessary stress and an increased awareness of one’s self and perhaps more peace.

~Here’s to mindfulness