Hey all,

The other day I was listening to my mindfulness meditations and I had a thought. That sentence sounds funny reading aloud.

So I found myself planning to practice and teach my children mindfulness every night before going to bed, going over what happened that day and look forward to a new day. I think I will do this instead of reading my babies to sleep at night. I will do the books a certain time during the day every day but not before bed.

I think teaching mindfulness early on could be helpful for a child. From what I have learned so far is that being mindful is helpful in coping with pain, stresses etc. I think it could be a great tactic.

Coincidentally today I saw an article regarding having children learn about mindfulness and so there is confirmation that I’m not the only one who has thought of using this for children.

I think perhaps if everyone practiced being mindful there would be less unnecessary stress and an increased awareness of one’s self and perhaps more peace.

~Here’s to mindfulness




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