What if I Wrote a Memoir?

Hey all,

I am currently reading a memoir called Paris, In Love.

As I read I find myself kind of wanting to write a memoir myself. However, I’m not sure what it would be about…

I mean are there different formats of memoirs?

Do I write how I have been getting better and what I am doing to get better ?  Should it be about what I have done to cope with pain?

Would it be about how I made a positive spin on it and found my career? Would it be on how having RSD changed me in a big way?

Would it be writing what I went through having RSD?

Would it be about all of my careers and what I did, what I learned?

Also, if I did write a memoir what would I do with it? I mean I am not a professional writer, should I try having it published?

I guess I have a lot of thoughts, not that it would be a surprise if you read my blog 🙂


~Your Thoughts Are Welcome



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