Find Something to Be Grateful for!

Hey guys,

So the last two weeks I have been watching Roxie as my parents went away.
I have been walking her several times but the best is I have been continuing without crutches!

I train her to slow down not pull me on the leash and it works mostly and she is my helper with walking!

It was an adjustment which I had to get down pat in a routine that would work for both of us. I managed to figure out a good routine a few days ago !

I would feed her stretch while we eats than be ready to walk her I take a whole hour walk with her!
This way I get in great exercise and she does to but she also doesn’t have to go out for awhile after and she’s a little sleepy which I get to concentrate on school work.

It’s a great approach for Roxie and my walking is improving as I walk!

My parents just got home this afternoon. So during dinner tonight they asked me if I was ready to Crush my Crutches!

I say yes, I want to bring my crutches to one of those dump yards and watch a huge truck crush them! 🙂 And its not of anger its like a christening!

The symbol of crushing the crutches is new beginnings! 🙂 I am walking and I am so very grateful :)!!!!

~Find something your grateful for!


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