Day 6 in Child life

Hey all,

Yesterday I had a tough time getting up in the morning. However, the thought of helping a kid at the hospital was a great motivation!

At the hospital I visited with infants and toddlers. I visited a few 17 year olds. I visited a 10 year old and an 11 year old. I pretty much saw every age today.

I helped get ready for halloween as the staff is doing a reverse trick or treating with the kids in the PICU who can’t leave their room.

I handed out their trick or treat bags for them to design on  their own. I spent a lot of time with this cute, sweet 11 year old girl. She loved to talk and was all by herself for a while so I was thrilled to be there for her. I  spent some time with this adorable toddler girl. She couldn’t speak and since she’s an active toddler and kept trying to put things in her mouth the nurses told me they strap her arms down. So when I played with her I talked to her one hand was free so I just played and distracted her from putting her fingers in her mouth etc. She smiled a lot at me and seemed to enjoy herself. I didn’t see her mom so it was nice to be there for her 🙂

I also saw some beautiful babies! They were so cute and the parents were so happy to be acknowledged!

Another great day 🙂

Today the hospital is doing a Halloween party in the playroom so I volunteered to gather their activities and bring them to patients that can’t leave their rooms in the PICU 🙂 So I’m going in today!


~Happy Halloween!!!!


Halloween Party

Hey guys,

Today is my one of my favorite days I look forward to every year. Every year as some of you may recall, my family and I throw

a Halloween Party at a children’s hospital in Westchester. We plan all the activities and entertainment for the children patients and their family members and interact with them.

We do the activities with them guiding them making sure they are happy. Its always a hit! 🙂

This year we have my aunt, my cousin, some family friends, and my physical therapist and her family. It is so awesome as we all dress in a costume.

My parents my sister and brother in-law to be dress up in a theme together. This year is super cute as we are all dressed as games!

Again, my favorite part is to help the kids feel like regular kids maybe help them forget for half a second they are sick. Anyways I can’t wait to bring smiles to these kids faces!


~It will be a great day 🙂


Hi all,

On Tuesday this week my young friend with hospice passed away. This afternoon my parents came with me to her wake.

It’s so incredibly sad that this special 11 year old girl has left us!
It has been an emotional day. I was able to spend time with her mom who I formed a bond with during this whole ordeal. She hugged me tightly and we cried with each other and I comforted her as much as I could. I am so happy I got to see her.

I got to tell Her thank you and thank god and offer comfort to her family and share in this unimaginable moment.

I met their social worker who worked with hospice. I got to share the amazing things about this little girl.

It was a challenging day but it comforts me to know she is at peace and with God, she was given more time until she felt ready, she was home, she met and got to know her brothers who will hear all about her when they get older.

I can not say it enough, I am so grateful to have known this little girl!
Thank you My Friend!!!!

***Love you Little girl, go on rest in peace and be pain-free, you have touched many lives and your spirit will always be with us***

Child Life Day5

Hey guys,

Today I worked with a few precious babies. I visited a few teens but they were sleeping except for one boy. I hung out a bit with this one 17 year old boy poor thing is so tired of being in the hospital. Luckily he was feeling well enough to walk around and go to the playroom-he wanted to leave his room so badly. I visited a 6month old baby and a baby who is only 51 days old. I hooked up the mom with a little musical mobile. She was very appreciative. I enjoyed spending some time with those sweet little ones. The 6month old was by himself for a bit but a nurse kept hanging with him I kept him company and offered assistance. He’s a pretty vocal baby-so cute and alert. I love these precious kids. I also liked being able to hang with the teenager he’s receptive and expresses himself. I would like to see if I can help him- talk or not talk to me help him with whatever he needs to do to get through his time in the hospital.

It was a pretty good shift, I hope these guys get to go home soon!



*Rest In Peace Little Girl*

Hello everyone,

This afternoon I got the word that my young friend at home with hospice has passed.

It is so sad but I am also so grateful for all of the time she had with us.

This special girl told her mom that she was ready to rest! Its truly incredible how much she touched my life and I know I helped her as well!

I just know we were meant to cross paths! I will never forget my young friend!

Thank you so much for touching my life, my friend!

*Rest in Peace Little Girl*


~Emotional and Eternally Grateful


Hey all,

I’m trying to finish my discussion post for psychology and respond to some posts by tonight.

Then I can work on finishing my two papers hopefully earlier in the week.

Then next week is finals, the last week of the term! I then start my next term the very next monday!

I can’t believe how quickly school is going-its so great! I’m thinking in January I will start looking at hospitals to apply for my internship! However, of course it would be easiest if I can get into the internship program at the hospital I’m at now 🙂

January is a bit early however I’m thinking if I start looking into things January than I’ll have enough time to make sure I’ll have things reviewed by the council and I’ll hopefully finish all requirements by the deadline for applying.


~I’m so excited!




Day4 child life

Hey guys,

So yesterday was a difficult morning, I was upset over my buddy the little girl at home with hospis.

However, I kept her on my mind throughout the day as she helped me decide my career. So I rolled up my sleeved and got ready to help other kids.

It was a busy day for me, as I bonded with a few different kids. There was one 4 year old boy, new to me was adorable and was by himself so I was really happy to keep him company. I try not to judge as I am sure that parents are working and do need breaks but if it were me god forbid as the parent I would want to guarantee that my kid was never alone long if ever alone in the hospital. This little guy needed attention.

So I started my day actually he was my first patient to visit. I spent my first 45 minutes with him, then had to visit the other kids and had some teens. I had this one girl who I had last week with a trachea who hasn’t been able to speak for her first years on earth. However, this beautiful little girl is so full of life she doesn’t even need to speak to be the life of the party she’s too cute! I played with her for a bit throughout the day and she truly lights up!

I visited this adorable 7month little boy who was all smiles, I had another infant boy who was sleepy, and I had a few teenage boys who weren’t up for visits and a 17 year old girl who was a bit receptive so we chatted a little bit.

I brought some toys and movies to a couple of adorable kids as every one was preoccupied they didn’t all need me to hang out for a visit so I instinctively let them know I am acknowledging their needs and I am around to hang out with their kids if they need a break and whatnot.

I also initiate seeing other patients to see if there is anyone who needs anything.

He seemed happy I was there. He is a creative imaginative boy as he was identifying fish and butterfly images out of his play dough. He was very cute.

I will definitely come and see if he is around for a visit next week.  I love that I could help make a difference for this little boy.

Child Life is such a special and important job. The career I know I want to do, and I know I am meant to do!

~Grateful, Dedicated, and Determined