Day 2

Hey guys,

Today was my second day volunteering in child life. So every day I go to volunteer office clock in and put my things in a locker. I head over to the PICU Front desk to get my child life activities and grab my list of the children I am to visit today. I find out the Charge Nurse on duty for the day and make sure her name is written on my list. Charge Nurse I ask for any questions about if a patient asks questions etc. I also refer to her if I find myself free, to see if she needs anything done that I can do for them such as restore supplies.

I start with the patients that I am tasked to visit. I first take notice where the patient is located and whether there are any precautions I need to take such as putting on a gown, gloves, and or mask. I introduce myself use the child’s name and see if parents say it is all right if the child wants to play. If they say yes I feel out the particular child as to what they like and suggest somethings I can get for them to play with. I can then offer to the parent if they would like to take a break or even join in on the fun. Depending on the child’s age, their state that moment or even day they may just want company just to hang out. I just make it known I’m around to hang out or if they need anything I’m around.

After going through my list of kids to visit, I can see if there are any toys that may need to be cleaned and I take care of them. I have to try to do two rounds during the day visiting all of the patients to see if they need anything. Depending on needs I act accordingly.

My priority is to make sure I see any kids that may need company and I have some fun with them.

Today I spent time with this little boy who I met last week. He’s cute and sweet. I am enjoying helping him smile I am still waiting to meet other kids that would like company. Some children that were on my list today happened to be discharged which is probably a good thing at least in some ways if not others. Some of the children were pre-occupied with company and had family time. But I check up on them and as long as they don’t need anything I’m still doing my job.

On Halloween I found out there is a party for the children. I offered to help so hopefully I can do that.

I am enjoying my job. I hope I can work with more kids next week 🙂






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