Lessons to Learn

Hey guys,

So its been approved I am using my child life volunteer gig towards a class! I am super excited as the class involves reflecting about my experiences.

However lately I am trying to improve my homework tactics. With trying to be more active, ignore pain while pushing to get better and better at X Y Z leaves me exhausted and needing breaks. I know breaks are all right but I find myself constantly adjusting my schedule to another routine which is kind of messing with my energy. And as I push and am still in pain, some times more so than others, I am absolutely exhausted that I need to rest and find myself unable to focus on homework. I mean by all means I am not doing poorly in school I am enjoying school even.

But I want to improve my homework habits so that I can actually absorb more of what I am studying.  If I am rushing to finish some last bits of an assignment, I find I don’t recall the information I am studying as easily and I am not as strong in my assignments, than if I wasn’t rushed, tired, in pain. It is an obvious outcome to not have a terrific result on an assignment if you don’t put in the effort! I still finish things on time it just not as good quality as I know it can be.

SO with that I have finished most of my homework for the week by today. That way I take off tomorrow and sunday afternoon I just make finishing touches to my papers and hand them in.


~Here’s to allowing myself more time and better quality work!


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