Day3 Child Life

Hi all,

Last Wednesday I arrived to a busy shift for doctors. As soon as I entered the PICU I was summoned to stock isolation carts with gowns. I actually thought it meant I would be a little busier but it turns out I wasn’t too busy with my responsibilities. I had a few teenage patients including one who spoke mostly Spanish. I had a toddler little girl a twelve year old girl, and a nine year old boy. My supervisor was in meetings for my first hour there so there was no prep talk- I went right to work.

The teens didn’t have any real needs so I just popped in a few times to see if anything changed. The adorable toddler was actually being discharged that day so she was surrounded by family and they were so thrilled! Even though I didn’t do anything for them, it was so nice to see them all so happy to be leaving the hospital :).

I got to brush up on the little spanish speaking skills that I have,  with the teenage boy and his mother. I communicated with them fairly well and even was able to find out if he likes watching movies in english. That was pretty much the extent we got to speak. I hooked him up with a movie. He was pretty out of it though as he had some exams. However he had the option to watch it later.

I visited a family with an 8month old beautiful boy patient. He was sleeping most of the day. I just kept popping in a few times to see if the family members needed a break or anything for the baby. They didn’t need anything but If they are there still I will come again.

I visited a 12 year old girl who was so cute and sweet I didn’t get to hang with her much but I was happy to leave with her some coloring activities for her to do with her family.

I also spent a nice amount of time with my buddy the sweet 9year old boy. I formed a nice bond with him. 🙂

Note to self, learn all and everything that you can!

~I am looking forward to learning more as I continue my child life journey!


2 thoughts on “Day3 Child Life

  1. Hey there 🙂 I’m a bit new to wordpress but just like you, I started volunteering in the child life department! From what I could navigate on your blog, it seems that we have a strong dedication to helping others (especially children)
    If you could visit my wordpress for support that would be great! Also, good luck on your journey!

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