Vivid Dream

Hi all,

Last night I got word that the little girl at home with hospis is actively dying. :*

I later had a vivid dream about her! I’m dying to know if it means she has died already or whether it was preparing me?

I remember it so clearly, we were all standing with her, my mom and I and her family. She and I were pretty much standing next to each other she’s standing at a vanity or something and picks up sand or something and draws an angel on the vanity. She then says thank you to God and says that she loves me and my mom and her family. I then talk to her and tell her how special she is. Showing her all she was able to do, how she was able to go back to her home, to get to get to know her brother and meet her new brothers. I  told her how great she got to grow back her beautiful hair and she got to see her dog every day. Her smile told me she agreed. I also remember telling her in the dream that she is also helping another child.

I woke up today in tears, I will never forget how when I was helping this little girl she also helped me!


~Emotional and grateful



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