Day4 child life

Hey guys,

So yesterday was a difficult morning, I was upset over my buddy the little girl at home with hospis.

However, I kept her on my mind throughout the day as she helped me decide my career. So I rolled up my sleeved and got ready to help other kids.

It was a busy day for me, as I bonded with a few different kids. There was one 4 year old boy, new to me was adorable and was by himself so I was really happy to keep him company. I try not to judge as I am sure that parents are working and do need breaks but if it were me god forbid as the parent I would want to guarantee that my kid was never alone long if ever alone in the hospital. This little guy needed attention.

So I started my day actually he was my first patient to visit. I spent my first 45 minutes with him, then had to visit the other kids and had some teens. I had this one girl who I had last week with a trachea who hasn’t been able to speak for her first years on earth. However, this beautiful little girl is so full of life she doesn’t even need to speak to be the life of the party she’s too cute! I played with her for a bit throughout the day and she truly lights up!

I visited this adorable 7month little boy who was all smiles, I had another infant boy who was sleepy, and I had a few teenage boys who weren’t up for visits and a 17 year old girl who was a bit receptive so we chatted a little bit.

I brought some toys and movies to a couple of adorable kids as every one was preoccupied they didn’t all need me to hang out for a visit so I instinctively let them know I am acknowledging their needs and I am around to hang out with their kids if they need a break and whatnot.

I also initiate seeing other patients to see if there is anyone who needs anything.

He seemed happy I was there. He is a creative imaginative boy as he was identifying fish and butterfly images out of his play dough. He was very cute.

I will definitely come and see if he is around for a visit next week.  I love that I could help make a difference for this little boy.

Child Life is such a special and important job. The career I know I want to do, and I know I am meant to do!

~Grateful, Dedicated, and Determined


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