Child Life Day5

Hey guys,

Today I worked with a few precious babies. I visited a few teens but they were sleeping except for one boy. I hung out a bit with this one 17 year old boy poor thing is so tired of being in the hospital. Luckily he was feeling well enough to walk around and go to the playroom-he wanted to leave his room so badly. I visited a 6month old baby and a baby who is only 51 days old. I hooked up the mom with a little musical mobile. She was very appreciative. I enjoyed spending some time with those sweet little ones. The 6month old was by himself for a bit but a nurse kept hanging with him I kept him company and offered assistance. He’s a pretty vocal baby-so cute and alert. I love these precious kids. I also liked being able to hang with the teenager he’s receptive and expresses himself. I would like to see if I can help him- talk or not talk to me help him with whatever he needs to do to get through his time in the hospital.

It was a pretty good shift, I hope these guys get to go home soon!




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