Hi all,

On Tuesday this week my young friend with hospice passed away. This afternoon my parents came with me to her wake.

It’s so incredibly sad that this special 11 year old girl has left us!
It has been an emotional day. I was able to spend time with her mom who I formed a bond with during this whole ordeal. She hugged me tightly and we cried with each other and I comforted her as much as I could. I am so happy I got to see her.

I got to tell Her thank you and thank god and offer comfort to her family and share in this unimaginable moment.

I met their social worker who worked with hospice. I got to share the amazing things about this little girl.

It was a challenging day but it comforts me to know she is at peace and with God, she was given more time until she felt ready, she was home, she met and got to know her brothers who will hear all about her when they get older.

I can not say it enough, I am so grateful to have known this little girl!
Thank you My Friend!!!!

***Love you Little girl, go on rest in peace and be pain-free, you have touched many lives and your spirit will always be with us***


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