Day 6 in Child life

Hey all,

Yesterday I had a tough time getting up in the morning. However, the thought of helping a kid at the hospital was a great motivation!

At the hospital I visited with infants and toddlers. I visited a few 17 year olds. I visited a 10 year old and an 11 year old. I pretty much saw every age today.

I helped get ready for halloween as the staff is doing a reverse trick or treating with the kids in the PICU who can’t leave their room.

I handed out their trick or treat bags for them to design on  their own. I spent a lot of time with this cute, sweet 11 year old girl. She loved to talk and was all by herself for a while so I was thrilled to be there for her. I  spent some time with this adorable toddler girl. She couldn’t speak and since she’s an active toddler and kept trying to put things in her mouth the nurses told me they strap her arms down. So when I played with her I talked to her one hand was free so I just played and distracted her from putting her fingers in her mouth etc. She smiled a lot at me and seemed to enjoy herself. I didn’t see her mom so it was nice to be there for her 🙂

I also saw some beautiful babies! They were so cute and the parents were so happy to be acknowledged!

Another great day 🙂

Today the hospital is doing a Halloween party in the playroom so I volunteered to gather their activities and bring them to patients that can’t leave their rooms in the PICU 🙂 So I’m going in today!


~Happy Halloween!!!!


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