A Child Life Halloween Day 7

Hey guys,

So on Halloween I went in a second day to volunteer at the hospital.

There was a party in the playroom in General Pediatrics floor. However only patients who were able to leave their rooms were able to attend.

I wanted to bring the party to the kids in the PICU who couldn’t leave their rooms, so I did just that!

I went to the party and gathered the activities and crafts to bring to the kids.

I visited some teens but they didn’t need much I just dropped off some stuff they can do to keep busy.

I spent most of my time with the little 2 year old girl who I met on the Wednesday. She is too cute! I also spent time with a little 4 year old boy who I won over when I brought him cars and read a book. Both little ones needed some distractions for various procedures I helped them both and in hand I helped the nurses!

It was a really great day! I was able to make both the little girl smile and the little boy smile and I comforted him. It stinks the little girl seems to be by herself frequently as her mom works, so I am so happy to be there for her! The little boy had his mother with him but he was so happy I was there and she kept thanking me!

~Grateful to be there for the kids, I love this!



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