New Age, New Chapter

Hey all,

I know I have been MIA lately. I have been fighting bronchitis and my cough, lost voice and cold has lingered on for 14 days!

A lot has happened, I just turned, drum roll please…..29!  I spent a few days in Miami to celebrate with my mom. My wonderful father surprised me on my actual birthday. I spent the weekend with my mom and then my father joined us for great restaurants and great times!

So unfortunately the day I came home is when I started getting sick and I’ve been sick ever since.

While my birthday was approaching I was stressed and sad that I lost a year. In some ways I did lose a year but I realized I gained more than I lost! Life was crazy and difficult but I never would be where I am today if I didn’t go through it all!

Since I am another year older, I decided to examine my goals. I am in the beginning of my new chapter in life. I am recovering from RSD. I am almost halfway done with my bachelors! I am closer to starting my new career in child life-yay!

I am eating healthy. I am taking control over my diet and weight once and for all. I am trying out the Paleo diet. It’s more of a lifestyle so I am planning to stick to this longterm. I have to admit I have to start cooking more with it and learn to be creative so that I don’t get bored.  But I am finding quite a few blogs with recipes.

As soon as I’m rid of this nasty cold and cough, I am back to walking regularly, back to being more active.

I am practicing meditation daily

I am exercising daily

I am helping children

I am taking an art class


~Excited and grateful to continue this chapter!



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