Hey guys,

So I briefly mentioned recently that I am trying out a Paleo lifestyle. I am firstly planning to lose weight but I want to continue it longterm if it works the way I plan it to. One thing that’s slightly tough is counting calories with paleo because from what I understand you don’t normally count calories with Paleo. The recipes I have found don’t show the calories per serving.

I am tracking my food on a site called I have used it in the past but I decided to give it another shot-so far so good.

I find it very motivating and helpful. I can track my fitness and food. However, I’m firstly using the food tracking. When I am back on my feet I plan to track my fitness. I want to focus on the food first though when I get that covered I will be ok.

I am still using my fun NIKE FuelBand though, so I still try to be active in general 🙂


Feeling better

Looking better

Being healthier

Bathingsuit time

My sister’s wedding

Healthier long term



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