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Hi guys,

So I haven’t gotten to talk much about the kiddies lately!

Since I was sick after my birthday three weeks ago, I still am left with long-term laryngitis.

I haven’t had my voice for three weeks! With that unfortunately I haven’t been able to go to the hospital to work with the kids!

On Tuesday I returned to the hospital, still hardly any voice! I saw quite a few kids, all new ones! I visited two kids 1 and 2 year olds. Both of them have developmental delays, different cases which I am not really sure of. One was in a bed very tiny for his age, beautiful features! He was by himself and not really responsive until I went on his other side and took his hand. He touched my hand and sort of played with it. I talked to him a little bit no response but I know he heard me. This showed him he’s not alone, providing some love and comfort. He was by himself, for hopefully not the whole day. The other boy was hooked up to even more machines and is in a crib. He was a bit more responsive to me with expressions. I got him to smile and played with him for a while. I also visited a sweet little girl who just had a surgery so was pretty sleepy but I hung out with her and her mom for a little while. I gave her some things to color and put up to decorate for Thanksgiving. The little girl asked me my favorite colors, pink purple and blue. Later on I learned she was making me a bracelet, so cute! Her father arrived a bit later with her little brother. They were a sweet, adorable family. I visited a beautiful little baby and spent some time with her and her grandmother. I also spent time with an 11 year old little girl. The poor thing was bored and by herself coloring, I kept her company.

I also had a great review with my child life supervisor! I expressed to her how I would love to learn more about what goes on when doing the medical play and explaining to the children about a procedure they are going to have. We also discussed about a job as a Child Life Assistant. When I am able to work, I am looking into this position at the hospital, as it will only give me more experience, and perhaps more of an advantage into an internship program.

I am so happy where I am right now, here I am continuing this journey!






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