Today in Child Life

Hey guys,

Today I went into the hospital.

One of the kids I visited was a munchkin that just came back to the hospital after thanksgiving 😦

The poor thing! This beautiful little 3 year old girl still happy as can be!

Every other patient  I visited was new. I spent time with 3 year old girl we did some coloring. She’s too cute! Her mom stepped away so I was glad to keep her company!

I also visited a little boy a 1 year old who I brought some music to relax him which was great. A big part of working with him though was with his mom.

Like most parents and family members they don’t want to leave their kid alone. When I have parents around I always ask if they need anything or if they would like to take a break and I can sit with their child.

When she got more comfortable as we spoke mom felt okay to take a break while I sat with her beautiful boy for a bit.

When she returned I could tell she wanted company so I stayed and we hung out while she shared. She was so grateful for my company and conversation. When I was leaving she asked me if I was back tomorrow. I feel bad that I am not around to keep her company. But  I am so happy that I was able to help today!

Another great day!!!!

~ Grateful


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