Well, Hello December!

Hey guys,

It really just hit me, (I guess I was a little slow) but I can’t believe we just finished the first week of December. Winter is really under way.

Christmas is coming very soon-I need to get my gift shopping done asap!

I am in the end of my 6th week of my fifth term at school! I’m working on my final papers. Its kind of funny how every time the end of a term is approaching it still surprises and excites me. I look forward to finishing my classes in each term, but I also just marvel at how much I learn in just 8 weeks. I also always look  forward to my next classes that I have set up for the next term. After my two weeks vacation, in January I begin my 6th term where I am  taking personality psychology and physiology/anatomy. It will be very interesting, I’m excited!

Here’s to knowledge!

~Thirsty for more


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