At the Hospital…

Hi all,

This week is pretty busy as I worked at the hospital today for a full 8hour shift. I go in again tomorrow for my regular afternoon shift and than on Thursday I go back for another full 8 hour shift. Busy-busy! I am super tired but I helped a few kids today! 🙂

My first kid was a 2-year-old boy who I visited about 3 weeks ago. He was more out of it last time. This time he was very antsy and needed a lot of attention. I played with him for a long time. The parents came back so grateful the mom gave me a hug for being there for their boy. I also spent some time with this sweet 11-year-old girl developmentally delayed and some other stuff I am unsure of. We did a lot of coloring and decorated her windows with all of her art work. I also visited this precious 8 month old baby boy who was all by himself for the day! He was such a good boy so alert and responsive to me when I was speaking to him. He was a very vocal little one. This little boy I couldn’t really touch because he’s in a crib but interacting with him talking he enjoyed. I love this gig, I really do!!!!

The 11-year-old little girl saw me as I was leaving the room wanted me to come back and color some more so I stayed with her some more. My body is thoroughly exhausted but it was a good day!

My mom keeps asking me what ages I like. I really like several of the ages. I love toddlers always have, always will. But I also like the 4-11 year olds. I haven’t had too much experience with the teens but the little that I have, I enjoyed as well. It’s just mostly been minimal work with teens.

Meanwhile this thursday I was supposed to babysit for my family friends. The little munchkin gets so excited to see me. When  her mom put her on the phone she tells me, “miss you and I love you.” This little girl is just so precious!

I am so grateful to be there for all of these children! I am so grateful to know what I want to do!




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