Great Day and Great Week

Hey guys,

Today was my third day this week at the hospital.

I believe I worked with six or seven kids.

This week I worked three consecutive days which I think was great because I already knew some of the kids I worked with so we formed a bond already.

It really was such a great day. At the beginning of the day I started this morning cleaning a lot of toys that were borrowed. Before finishing, a parent asked for me to come keep their son company. The little 4 year old boy was more awake then when I saw him on Tuesday and had more energy to play. We had a lot of fun the last few days. Last night when we were playing he was decorating a mini basketball set. This afternoon was his dad’s birthday celebration so we made cards for him. His mom had set his basketball set at the foot of his bed. He was showing me how he shoots and he got 20 in while I was his cheerleader he got super excited! I said how about I make you a crown. He decorated it of course and we wrote King on it! It was a really great time 🙂 His mom was so grateful and jokingly asked me how much she should be paying me.

I then visited with this precious baby boy an 8month old but before I did that I said hi to my friend, the sweet 11 year old girl who I have spent the last 2 days with coloring. The girl was leaving today mom said she didn’t want to leave she was having too much fun. I went to play with the baby and the girl was calling me and all excited wanting to color and play with me. Since she was leaving and she colors a lot and I would be there forever I couldnt sit with her really so I talked to her for a bit and then played with the baby. When the girl’s mom came she was like Mom Michele’s here! It was cute! Meanwhile while I was playing with the baby I got him to crackup he was laughing so much! It was so precious!

He looked sleepy so I let him sleep for a bit while I went to grab some things to bring home to color for the little girl and I reminded her to take home all of her beautiful artwork she made with me the last few days. She was happy!  After that I saw in the same room another infant. A little girl so frekin cute! I played with her and got her laughing a little bit.

I also was asked to play with a kid who was waiting for the doctor to discharge them. This girl so sweet but wasn’t staying in her area the nurses asked me to help. She needed attention.

I played with the little guy I was playing with the other day whose parents kind of monopolized my time the other day. Super cute but was tough.

The nurses thanked me.  While I was in that room there was a new patient admitted an 11 year old boy really cute kid and good looking family. The parents both came and they also have a 1 year old. I visited them and they were so happy. I hung out with them a bit he’s a good kid. The 1 year old oh my goodness! He was absolutely adorable, a true character! I brought Uno and some stuff to color. When I came back to spend more  time at  the end of my day,  I asked if he wanted to play uno and then his parents returned so I asked them if they wanted to join. It was great the whole family playing with us! Everyone was super happy!

I love this gig!!!!


~Feeling blessed!!!




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