Hey guys,

Tonight I am thinking about the sweet homeless man that I see around in the city!

This man always so kind and friendly to all he sees. It is so damn cold here and when I saw him I felt so bad.

It truly breaks my heart to think this man and anyone else is stuck on the streets freezing in the cold!

I see he has belongings of some sort and I don’t know his whole story. I just see he’s freezing.

I saw him today when I went to get some exercise and took a little walk. The cold hurt me and I was nervous because of the ice patches on the streets and sidewalk. But then I see this man and I feel so frekin grateful.

I really want to help him! When I passed him we said hello to each other and I asked him if there is anything he needs. He said he could use some more sleeping bags. This poor guy! I told him I would see if I have any. I  am trying to justify buying him a few blankets.

When I was on way back from my walk I made a point of  seeing him. I got him a hot chocolate to at least give him something! He was so thankful and I told him to keep warm!

I still want to try to find him blankets!!!!


****I am so grateful to have my family, my friends, my health, my home, and heat!!!!!!





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