Child Life: Helping, Hoping, Caring, Loving, Supporting

Hey guys,

Today at the hospital I worked with mostly new patients. I worked with beautiful infants. I visited with a beautiful 3 year old little girl who I saw one time before. She was up out of her bed in her chair more up to playing. I wanted to eat her up she is so cute!

I was also keeping this baby company the mom was asking me my favorite age to work with. Its interesting because I love different things about each age I have worked with. With infants I love providing comfort and soothing them with my voice. It touches my heart when I can get their attention and help them relax. Even though these tiny babies are so young they respond to calm sounds and light touch, colors, light. It interests me how they take in all of what they see even though they don’t get it, they see it and feel it. I love the toddlers as well. They are fun and open to discover all the new things around them. The 10,11 year olds are great too because they’ll begin to speak their minds. The teens are great too because they can of course speak their mind. I can see it being really difficult for the teens to be considered a kid still so when I visit them I really try to make it clear that I know they aren’t babies and I treat them their age offer to hang out or if they want to watch a movie or maybe play a game.

Today I also spent a bit of time with a two year old little boy who I have been visiting with frequently.

Today he had a surgery of some kind so the parents were constantly praying. Mom told me her boy is always happy when I come to see him.

I am so happy to help, most of all that the parents see that and realize he is a happy boy. I asked her if there was anything they needed she asked

me to pray for him. I am sending my prayers and wishes to the universe! Please give this baby more time with us. Please help him be pain free.

Please help him be strong.






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