You’re a Nice Doctor

Hey Guys,

Today at the hospital there was a six year old boy who was just admitted this afternoon.

When I came to him he couldn’t wait to talk, an adorable chatterbox.

We played checkers and he beat me. He was very verbal in telling me things that hurt or how he felt. He told me he was nervous to be there and that he didn’t want to play alone. Of course he’s nervous most kids are he just was able to verbalize it.

His mom was there however, it seemed they were both in their own clouds today. I have seen his happen sometimes. Anyway he wanted me to stay there to play all day.

This kid was funny he spoke pretty well too. During our game at one point he told me I’m a nice doctor. I smiled and was like thank you so much but I’m not a doctor I’m your child life buddy. He kept saying a few times I’m a nice doctor. It was priceless.

I was happy to play with him a while. 🙂

There was another little boy who when I introduced myself to him he was at first nervous because he thought I was a doctor about to examine him. When his mom told me this I answered no, I’m not a doctor I’m here for fun 🙂 I  asked him if he was up to it if maybe we can play some games. He smiled.

I also helped a precious little girl who is non verbal developmentally delayed and adorable. She was crying. When the nurse handed her to me I sat and held her in the chair and rocked her in my arms. She became calm and relaxed. I can tell she was listening to me even though she doesn’t make eye contact. She was responding when I spoke softly to her. She was touching my hand and was making noises that sounded like light relaxed sighs when I spoke to her. After a bit she looked like she was going to fall asleep, I had the nurse assist me to put her in her crib. She was upset for a moment but looked like she was tired. It really warms my heart that I was able to help her relax.

I also visited a little one I think 10months old. Beautiful alert Spanish baby girl. She was blowing me kisses. And I played with her while she jumped around in her crib. So sweet!

I love this gig!

~Warm heart



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